What is The Drifter?

The Kickstarter Campaign for The Drifter has officially launched.  Interested?  Come check it out!  Tell your friends.  Tell your family.  Tell that strange guy next door that always seems to have his television just a little bit louder than you.  Need a preview?  Check out the video!

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The Drifter is a novel I’ve been working on for the past three years.  It follows an entity, called the Drifter, which has inhabited and taken control of the body of a New York corporate lawyer; Cynthia Spears.

He doesn’t just have to get used to her life, though.  He also has to always be looking over his shoulder for the man hunting him — Bluejay.

Why’s he being hunted?  Who is Bluejay?  What’s going to happen with Cynthia?  And where’s the last banana muffin?  I certainly didn’t eat it.

Most of those questions will be revealed in the upcoming release of… The Drifter.

The end.

No, really.  That’s all.

Oh, come on.  I ended that really well!  It was like a great trailer or something!  Now you’ve gone and ruined it by reading on!

Fine… *roll credits*

Written By: Tyler Woodward

Production By: Tyler Woodward

Directed By: Tyler Woodward

There’s no hidden ending: So just move on already.